'Baaghi' - Movie Review

'Baaghi' - Movie Review

'Baaghi' is not a classic by any standards, and there are some obvious flaws. But watch this film for Tiger Shroff. There is no one who fights like he does. It is a pure delight to watch this young actor move his hard earned body with such fluidity and ease


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  • 'The Man Who Knew Infinity' - Movie Review

    'The Man Who Knew Infinity' - Movie Review

    'The Man Who Knew Infinity' is an extra-ordinary story of passion and perseverance that was waiting to be told. The mathematics in it may be Greek and Latin to most but at the heart lies a tragic tale of passion and purity that catches you within its emotional bonds at least for brief spells of time

  • 'Mother's Day' - Movie Review

    'Mother's Day' - Movie Review

    'Mother's Day' is meant to be about mothers but most of the narrative revolves around representations of women as wives, ex-wives, lovers, daughters and just peripherally deals with them as mothers. As such, this tribute turns out to be just a little too shallow!

  • '10 Cloverfield Lane' - Movie Review

    '10 Cloverfield Lane' - Movie Review

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman are perfectly cast and play beautifully off each other's character traits and weaknesses. The narrative manages to keep you guessing and at the edge for most of its runtime. The ending in fact raises more questions than the film can answer!

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Dear Diana

'I don't know if she likes me...'

'I don't know if she likes me...'

I recently changed jobs and on my first day in the new office, I met this wonderful woman. She proved to be of great help to me...

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More than evaluating your own performance and motivations, you shall spend the day analysing other people, which you must avoid.Read More



Financial affairs shall dominate today. Money shall flow in from various sources, however the outflow may be even more - keep a tight fist!Read More



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Today you may feel very bored with the humdrum of your work - the resultant irritability shall reflect adversely in your efficiency.Read More



Events of today shall make you happy. You shall behave totally in a way that behoves your high social status. Right time to implement ideas.Read More



Today you shall become very image conscious and decide to go for a complete makeover. The desire to look attractive overrides all your other desires!Read More



If some issues have been lingering on for an unduly long time - today is perfect to resolve them once and for all.Read More



You may get puzzled today while devising expansion plans related to your profession or business. Just follow your heart!Read More



It's a happening day, you shall take important decisions regarding your work. Try to look your best - a rendezvous with someone special is indicated.Read More



Confusion and anxiety may haunt you for most of the day. Later in the evening, you shall throw worries to the winds - enjoy life!Read More