"Sorry, nobody is responsible." This is the last text message sent from Pallavi Vikamsey's phone to her sister-in-law Sharayu minutes before she fell from a local train between Currey Road and Parel on October 4. Minutes after receiving this message, her family members called her back, but the phone rang just once and then switched off.

Pallavi Vikamsey
Pallavi Vikamsey

Around 6.30 pm, soon after she got the text message from Pallavi's phone, Sharayu called back. The phone rang once before switching off. The family kept trying her mobile number, but could not reach Pallavi.

She was already late; Pallavi would usually reach home by 6 pm every day from her workplace, Oasis Counsel & Advisory in Ballard Pier, where she was a law intern. As their panic grew, the family contacted all her friends and relatives as well, but she had not called anyone.

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On Saturday, the cops will speak to Geeta Gaikwad, who called the RPF after Pallavi fell
On Saturday, the cops will speak to Geeta Gaikwad, who called the RPF after Pallavi fell

Pallavi's father Nilesh Vikamsey (who is the president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India), informed the police that his son and daughter-in-law rushed to Pallavi's office in Ballard Pier and was informed by her colleagues that she left the office at 4.30 pm. However, the police later found that Pallavi had left work around 5.45 pm.

Pallavi's brother and sister-in-law panicked further and rushed to MRA Marg police station, where they met Senior Inspector Sukhlal Varpe.

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Pallavi was seen leaning out of the train near Currey Road station
Pallavi was seen leaning out of the train near Currey Road station

SI Varpe immediately started tracking Pallavi's mobile number. "They came to the police station around 10.30 pm. The tracker showed the last location of the phone at Currey road. The family members informed us that it was the station close to their place of residence."

According to police sources, a little past midnight, the family members had visited Currey Road station, but did not find any clues there. Nor did they hear about the train accident that had taken place there that evening. It was on the next day that they learnt that Pallavi's body had been found on the tracks between Currey Road and Parel stations.

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Did she jump?
On the basis of Pallavi's text message, the police intend to continue investigating whether she may have committed suicide. "The text message is clear indication that it is a case of suicide and we will be probing the same," said SI Varpe.

He added, "We have also extracted CCTV recordings at CST, and the cameras captured the image of Pallavi boarding the first class compartment of a CST-Dombivli local. She was also seen speaking on the cell phone. This establishes the fact that she was indeed on the train and was alone when she boarded it."

The Dadar GRP, which is conducting a parallel investigation, has come to the same conclusion. Senior Police Inspector (Dadar railway) N A Bobde explained: "As per the railway rules, if someone is run over by a local train, the motorman's statement is crucial, as he is the only person who can confirm whether someone was lying on the track with an intent to commit suicide, or if it was a trespassing."

In this case, however, the motorman of the train did not notify the Currey Road stationmaster of any such person lying on or crossing the tracks. This further indicates that Pallavi fell from the train, and since the motorman was ahead, he could not see her.

Why would she do it?
While the cops now know how Pallavi died, it's the 'why' that they don't have answer to yet.

SI Bobde said, "We have recorded a preliminary statement of the father, Nilesh, wherein he has not made any mention of Pallavi being upset for any reason. He stated that he does not blame anyone for the death of his daughter, and thinks it was a train accident."

With no direct complaint from the father, and no family member raising suspicion or giving any hint about possible motives for suicide, the police will have to collect all the circumstantial evidence and also seek forensic assistance while studying the spot and positioning of the body in order to make some headway.

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The cops will now go through the Call Detail Record (CDR) and will record statements of all those whom Pallavi spoke to or tried to contact in the days before her death.

Bobde added that they will also record the statement of Geeta Gaikwad, the eyewitness who called the RPF after Pallavi fell. "We will call her on Saturday. So far, we haven't got any concrete lead, our investigation is underway and we are probing the case from all angles."

Another officer said, "We will discuss the case with our superior officers and will do the needful as per their advice, as it is a high-profile case."

How Dadar GRP reached the family
The MRA Marg police station lodged a missing complaint for Pallavi on the night of October 4. The cops sent out wireless messages to all police stations and to the control room as well.

Meanwhile, the Dadar GRP had also started alerting all railway police stations and city control rooms about an unidentified female body found on the tracks.

Senior Police Inspector (Dadar railway) N A Bobde said, "On October 4, we did not get any feedback or response. As per procedure, we kept the body in the mortuary at KEM hospital. On October 5, we received a wireless message about a young girl's missing complaint lodged with MRA Marg police station. I immediately sent a picture of the deceased to my colleague at MRA Marg, and it was confirmed that the victim was indeed Pallavi."

"Around 3.15 pm on October 5, Pallavi's father and brother Jihaan came to the police station and we showed them pictures of the deceased. A gold ring on the finger and the blood-stained clothes were identified as Pallavi's. We took the family to the mortuary, where they identified Pallavi's body. After recording their statements, the autopsy was performed."

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