11-year-old singer spotted by Dillzan Wadia roped in to sing for a film

Everyone knows about the little singing sensation--Jayalakshmi by now.

Dillzan Wadia
Dillzan Wadia

The 11 year old from Kerala was spotted by actor Dillzan Wadia and singercomposer Mudasir Ali. She will now be singing in Wadia's film 'Four Pillars of Basement.'

Dillzan Wadia
(L-R) Vickey Tejwani, Giocondo, Mudasir Ali, DeepuPaul, Jayalakshmi, Shaleen Bhanot, Preety Bhalla and Anusha Sinivasan Iyer

This was announced at a party held at Vickey Tejwani's Levo Lounge.

Those who attended the do over a Sunday brunch enjoyed a performance by the singer.

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