12-yr-old goes on 'bucket list' tour before he goes blind

Auckland: As will also happen to two of his elder brothers, 12-year-old Louis Corbett will one day be blind.

The three young New Zealanders have retinitis pigmentosa a progressive disorder that eventually deteriorates vision over decades. But for the youngest of the five Corbett children, Louis, that day will come much sooner. He learned last year that that his case had accelerated.

With Louis’ eyesight rapidly fading, the trip had to be made within a matter  of weeks
With Louis’ eyesight rapidly fading, the trip had to be made within a matter  of weeks

Faced with the grim reality that Louis will soon lose the ability to see the world, the Corbetts decided to embark on an international sightseeing tour. “This year we’re going to try and fill his world with as many beautiful images as we can,” said his mom Catherine.

Instructed to make something of an ocular bucket list, Louis picked places from around the world. Louie also wanted to take in a game, because he is a sports fan. “He is really got hooked on American basketball,” his mom said. Louis’s number one wish was to go to Boston to see his beloved Boston Celtics play.

Warren Casey, a CEO of a Boston-based software firm, stepped in with a hefty donation and the wife of the owner of Boston Celtics arranged seats for the team’s game after she read of Louis’s condition.

Sights to see
Some of the places included in Louis’ bucket list
>> Grand Canyon 
>> Niagara Falls 
>> Empire State Building 
>> Google headquarters in California
>> A Boston Celtics match

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