15 retakes for Karan Kundra, Chetna Pande to kiss properly?

Actors Karan Kundra and Chetna Pande reportedly shot for an intimate scene for MTV's supernatural show "Fanaah - An Impossible Love Story", and if a source is to be believed, it took them 15 retakes to get it right.

Karan Kundra and Chetna Pande
Karan Kundra and Chetna Pande

The otherwise confident Karan is said to have been hesitant on the sets of the show when he had to kiss Chetna for the first time.

"During the intimate scene, Karan was so nervous that the scene had to be shot over fifteen times," the source said.

Karan plays a vampire on the show, which is a story about vampires and werewolves.



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