After a gap of 15 years, Govinda wants to be a superstar once again


Like South icons Rajinikanth and Mammootty, Govinda wants to stay a hero. He isn’t interested in doing character roles. His upcoming film, 'Aa Gaya Hero', which has also been produced by him, is a bid to reaffirm his position in Bollywood. He minces no words in saying he wants to be a superstar again.

Govinda has just released the trailer of Aa Gaya Hero (slated to release next month). It has the feel of the ’90s, and Govinda can be seen in his typical style, donning psychedelic clothes and mouthing funny lines. “After almost 15 years, I’m returning as a hero, so the title had to be 'Aa Gaya Hero'. I was known as Hero No 1 (referring to his 1997 hit), that’s why this was apt.”

After Jodi No 1 (2001) and Chalo Ishq Ladaye (2002), Govinda went on to do films that did not create magic. He made a comeback with Partner (2007) alongside Salman Khan, but it did not put him back in the scheme of things. “It was a Salman Khan-starrer,” he says.

To take things in his own hands, he went on to produce 'Aa Gaya Hero'. He is aware in the past decade, filmmaking process has changed drastically. “Today’s league of filmmakers wear half pants, but we need to model ourselves on the South industry. They know how to create heroes and maintain them,” he says. However, Govinda admits he is fearful. “I get scared thinking whether I’ll be accepted again. But I’ve always overcome my fears. I’ve faced a lot of turmoil, but managed to come out of it.”

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