17-year-old hacked to pieces, severed head thrown inside police station in Tamil Nadu

In an extremely gruesome case, a 17-year-old was hacked to death by a group of men and it's decapitated head was thrown inside a police station in Cuddalore district in Tamil Nadu.

A CCTV footage which has captured the incident showed two bikers stopping at the entrance, flinging the head and driving straight away.

According to the police, the boy, identified as Swethan. The body was dumped about three kilometers away from the police station. The attackers rode on a bike with the head wrapped in a gunny bag. The teenager was been killed by a gang involved in chain-snatching and bike stealing, police said.

The headless body was later found in the lake, which is around three km from the police station where the head was thrown.

The matter is of gang-wars in the area.

"By dropping the severed head at a Tamil Nadu police station the attackers thought the investigation would go to Tamil Nadu police. He thought investigation would be soft under them. But we would only investigate as the murder took place in Puducherry," Rajiv Ranjan, SSP Law and Order, Puducherry told NDTV.