2,145 Navi Mumbai autos yet to recalibrate their e-metres

As the deadline for recalibrating e-metres approaches tomorrow, around 2,145 autos in Navi Mumbai are yet to go through the process.

The Bombay High Court had set the 45-day deadline on August 13, after auto and taxi drivers had sought revision of minimum fares of autos from Rs 15 to Rs 17, and taxis from Rs 19 to Rs 21. Vashi’s Regional Transport Office (RTO) was ordered to complete the recalibration process.

However, there are still many auto drivers who have not completed the process. RTO officials have warned them that if they miss the deadline, they would be fined Rs 500 per day. “While most auto drivers in Navi Mumbai have completed recalibration, a large number of rickshaws are not running with the revised fare.

Without completing the work, they will not be able to take the benefit of revised minimum fares. We also urge citizens not to pay the revised fare if the e-metre is not recalibrated,” said Sanjay Dhaygude, deputy regional transport officer.

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