2,937 people killed in suburban train accidents in Mumbai last year

The total number of people killed in suburban train accidents in the country is 6,850, with maximum number of casualties of 2,937 in Mumbai in 2013, as told in Lok Sabha. Minister of State for Railway Manoj Sinha, informed that in the train accidents, a total of 1,384 people were killed in Mumbai, upto June 2014.

In 2012, there were 3,079 casualties. Sinha said that trespassing and crossing tracks are the main causes of the accidents. Crossing multiple tracks while using mobile phones, forcibly crossing gates and violating safety instruction also cause casualties.

In order to prevent similar mishaps, the railway minister has proposed passenger awareness programmes, and said that first aid kits are also made available in all passenger trains. In other metro cities, 1,214 people were killed in Delhi, while Kolkata and Chennai witnessed 1,773 and 926 deaths respectively in suburban rail accidents in 2013.

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