2 alleged molesters beaten with slippers in public in Bangalore

Bengaluru: In a case of mob justice caught on camera, two men were stripped and beaten with slippers in full public view today by a group of frenzied persons here for allegedly molesting a woman.

The locals caught the two men, tore their clothes and kicked and thrashed them, as a woman, egged on by some, repeatedly beat them with slippers, police said.

The duo who hail from Bidar in north Karnataka had allegdly molested the woman when she was alone at home last night, police said.

They said one of the two was known to the woman's family and had a fight with her some days ago. Both men had escaped last night in heavy rains, but the woman along with other locals managed to track them down, caught hold of them and handed them over to police after thrashing them this morning.

Police said both the men have been arrested. 

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