'24' - Movie Review

U/A; Action, Romance, Sci-Fi
Director: Vikram K. Kumar
Cast: Suriya, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Nithya Menon
Rating: 3/5

Suriya in '24'
Suriya in '24'

Suriya plays three drastically different roles in the fantasy thriller '24', which is about a watch that can take the wearer back by 24 days. Suriya plays a scientist, his evil brother Atreya and the scientist's son, Mani. Atreya wants the watch that the brother has invented and he ends up killing him and his wife. Twenty-six years later, Atreya is still looking for the watch and that's when he stumbles upon his brother's son.

The best thing about this film, apart from the fast pace, is the surprises that it constantly keeps springing. With a script like this, there is always the danger of falling into the predictable pit, but it smartly gauges what the audience would predict at a particular point and gives you something totally different, thus keeping you delightfully interested in every twist and turn.

A classic example of how a good script and screenplay can contribute to engaging cinema, '24' doesn't let you rest even for a second, except for those unnecessary romantic bits once in a while that act as speed breakers in this racy film.

Suriya as the charming, romantic, young watch mechanic, Suriya as the gullible scientist and Suriya as the evil Atreya are all fantastically and confidently played by the star. With his commendable screen presence and charm, Suriya yet again proves why he's such a big hit in the south. Samantha as his love interest is decent.

What works against this 'clever' script, though, are some not-so-clever goof-ups and loopholes. Even though the script seems to have been well pored on, Vikram Kumar (writer and director) missed a few vital issues out in the whole scheme of things.

Even then, '24' is a fantastic attempt at sci-fi genre of filmmaking and also belies a lot of hard work and thought that have gone into this at the screenplay stage. Also, with breath-taking visuals (cinematography by Tirru) and melodious music (by AR Rahman), it is paisa vasool.

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