The news that the BMC has passed independent corporator Makrand Narvekar’s proposal for eateries to be able to stay open all night, is making our stomachs rumble. After all, media is one of the industries cited as working till late-night and deserving of more food choices in the wee hours. At the moment, night birds have little choice but to follow word of mouth recommendations of eating joints that stay open late. Often, one has to pick up one’s food order from the back door of these establishments because officially, the front door is shut.

The BMC’s move, we hope, will open those front doors. And not just because it will lead to better food quality and choices, but also because we hope it will eventually lead to the true globalisation of Mumbai on the entertainment map.

Following the Supreme Court’s lifting of the ban on dance bars, MiD DAY’s editorial, ‘Mumbai needs to revive its nightlife’ had hailed the move and recommended that it be the first step towards making Mumbai a global nightlife destination. The editorial said, “Mumbai needs to have designated 24-hour entertainment, food and travel facilities to become a truly international tourist hub. All this needs to be buttressed by a 24-hour public transport system. This is the norm in several global cities and Mumbai needs to follow suit if it aspires the world city label.”

Narvekar’s proposal recognises that Mumbai is a city that never sleeps, and thus needs to be acknowledged officially. Longtime residents of the city recall that the vibe in the metropolis was different prior to the 1993 bomb blasts. Perhaps the official nod for 24-hour eateries may help the city reclaim its reputation, one bite at a time.