3 Questions with Indiva band member Hamsika Iyer

Jul 23, 2013, 12:27 IST | Ruchika Kher

1. How and when did you guys come together to form Indiva?
I have known Merlin (D’Souza) and Vivienne (Pocha) for a long time, and have worked extensively with Merlin on various projects. I also got an opportunity to work with Shruti Bhave at a concert and decided to rope her in when Merlin, Vivienne and I started discussing about forming our own band. Indiva was formed in November 2012.

2. There aren’t too many all-girls bands nowadays. Does this give you an edge?
It definitely gives us an edge and also a sense of responsibility because each song has a message. It’s a lovely feeling to express your emotions through music and make a¬†difference to society.

3. Could you tell us something about the new album?
Our album is multi-lingual and it’s a blend of Jazz, Rock, Folk and Indian Classical (Hindustani and Carnatic). So, we have tried our best to infuse each of the above-mentioned styles without sounding forced. Our album has a world music sound and I hope everyone loves this as much as we have enjoyed creating this album.¬†

Indiva will perform and launch their new album at Blue Frog, today at 10 pm.

Who is Indiva?
Indiva is a band of women from different walks of life. The band performs in eight languages — English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Konkani, Kannada, Bengali and Swahili. The band’s repertoire includes up-tempo peppy songs and they speak about love, peace, happiness, freedom and everything in between.

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