32 police recruits fall ill after consuming contaminated food in Madhya Pradesh

Jun 30, 2015, 18:01 IST | PTI

Sagar (MP): Nearly thirty-two police recruits fell ill after allegedly consuming contaminated food at the Police Training Centre (PTC) in Makronia area, a police official said on Tuesday.

Thirty-two trainees, who complained of loose motions and vomiting have been admitted to the district hospital, PTC in-charge additional superintendent of police (ASP) D R Tenivar told PTI today. He said that the recruits fell ill after drinking contaminated water. "We are looking into the matter seriously," he said.

However, doctor Amitabh Jain who is treating the recruits said that they appear to have fallen prey to mild food poisoning.

Trainees undergoing treatment at the district hospital said on condition of anonymity that they fell ill after lunch yesterday. They alleged that they were provided unhealthy food and water at the PTC.

Some of them said that around 100 trainees were brought to the hospital since yesterday after which some of them were discharged after treatment, they claimed.

They said that some of their colleagues who are unwell are being treated at PTC

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