4 yr-old falls from five-storeyed building in Gujarat, survives

Valsad: A four-year-old girl, who accidently fell from a five-storeyed building while flying kites survived with normal injuries at Pardi town in Gujarat's Valsad district.

"Mahi Desai (4) was taken to the Qureshi Hospital in Pardi town of Valsad district with normal injuries like bruises and cuts, after she fell from the terrace of the five-storyed Omkar Apartment in Pardi town on Thursday," Chief Medical Officer Mustaq Qureshi said.

After being kept under observation in the hospital for four days, the girl was discharged today, Qureshi said.

The incident occurred when Mahi was flying kites with her grandfather Hasmukh Desai on their flat's terrace, Qureshi said.

Mahi suddenly fell from the terrace and hit the ground floor.

However, to the great surprise of witnesses, she did not lose her sense and began talking, Qureshi said.

Later, doctors found that Mahi had not received any major injuries, he said.

"However, we preferred to keep her under observation for around four days and we discharged her today, after we found that she is absolutely fine," Qureshi said.

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