49-year-old Mumbai man beaten to death by four men in Mankhurd

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A 49-year-old man was killed over a dispute for expulsion from a job in Mankhurd, Mumbai on Friday night. Two people have been arrested, while two others are absconding. Mankhurd police is currently investigating the case.

On Friday night, after having dinner, Raja Dilavar Shaikh went for a walk and got into quarrel with the four accused. He was then brutally assaulted by them. Shaikh ran for help to the police, but fell down in the station premises and was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead before admission.

Police sources said Shaikh was residing at Lallu Bhai compound and was working as a supervisor of garbage dumping vehicles. He was also a member of Maharashtra Samarth Kaamgaar Sena.

On May 1, the contract company with which he was working, removed 32 drivers, including Shaikh, from the job. The accused, who allegedly killed Shaikh, were also drivers and were working for the same contract company.

Shaikh suspected that the drivers, including himself, were fired because of the accused men.

"After having food, he went for walk and around 10:30 pm he called me from the police station and informed about the fight. Sameer Shaikh, my son, ran to the police station and took him to the hospital," said Salma Raja Shaikh, wife of deceased.

"We have registered the case under section 302 and 34 IPC have arrested two accused. Two are still absconding. We are looking for them," said senior police inspector Shinde from Mankhurd police station.



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