5 rainy day games you can play

Jun 22, 2014, 10:08 IST | sunday-mid-day team

Seven cards are dealt out to each player, and the top card of the deck is flipped over and set aside to begin the discard pile. The player to the dealer’s left plays first. Interesting cards, like skip,   make the game a lot of fun.

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The players arrange 54 rectangular blocks to make a tower. They take turns to remove one block each from the lower part of tower, and balance it somewhere higher up. Over time, this creates a taller but wobblier structure. The game ends when the tower collapses, and the winner is the last person to successfully remove and place a block.

The ah, um game
Write down some topics to speak about (favourite book, worst TV show — you get the drift). Divide people into groups of three or four and let one volunteer from each team speak on that topic for a minute without using fillers. The winner moves to the next round, and if a player does use them, the next person gets the turn. Players who avoid saying the taboo words are the winners of the game.

You, or the ‘giver’, must explain the maximum number of keywords to your team while sand in the one-minute hourglass trickles  down . The ‘giver’ cannot use rhyme or speak out five ‘taboo’ words listed on the card. The team which guesses most words wins.

Strip Poker
If you are in the mood for some daring yet harmless fun, play strip poker. Played in a group, each member of the group draws one card and the one with the lowest value loses and has to remove an item of clothing.

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