Las Vegas: Rapper 50 Cent's entourage has been accused of assaulting a jeweller named Robert Marin before robbing his jewellery worth $250,000 and fleeing.

50 Cent
50 Cent. Pic/Santa Banta 

The owner of LAX Jewelry co. planned to sell the jewellery to the rapper. The two met at a nightclub to show the bling and negotiate the price. They stayed and had fun at the club until late.

Marin then claimed that 50 Cent and his entourage invited him to see Floyd Mayweather's gym on May 2.

When they arrived at the gym, 50 Cent was not seen anywhere and the condition started heating up. He stated that the crew pistol-whipped him before they stole the jewellery and ran away from the site, reports

Marin later reported the incident to the Las Vegas police department and now the police are investigating the case.