Kharghar’s Ryan International School recently organised a 15-day trip to England for its students, to attend the Thames Valley English Summer School at Oundle and Sevenoaks. The students left on July 2 and returned on July 16.

Bonding: Students met other students from all over the world, stayed in hostels with them and attended various classes

The 50 students, who attended the summer school, met other students from all over the world. They stayed in hostels and attended classes. They were even taken on a tour to various places of historical significance across Britain.

They had interactive sessions with students from other parts of the world that helped them understand the culture of various countries. Nihal Nair (16), a student of Class X, said, “We learned a lot and also made foreign friends, increasing in us the feeling of international brotherhood and love.”

The students visited historical places in London and Oxford, like the National Gallery, British Museum, National History Museum, and National Maritime Museum.

Dhruv Raghunath (14), a student who went on the trip, said, “The visit to places of historical importance helped us learn about traditions at various time periods.”

The trip has made the 50 students appreciate the differences in the world. Manav Rajput, a student of Class X was applauded by the summer school administration and was given a box of chocolates, for making the most number of international friends.