52-year-old biker rides into open drain in Thane, survives

May 16, 2015, 14:47 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

A 52-year-old scrap dealer had a brush with death after he drove his motorcycle into an uncovered drain at Chavindra Kata in Bhiwandi. The incident occurred around 11.30 pm on May 12, while Nazar Hussain was on his way home.

Thanking his lucky stars: Nazar Hussain recuperating at KEM Hospital
Thanking his lucky stars: Nazar Hussain recuperating at KEM Hospital

According to Hussain, it was the absence of streetlights in the lane that caused the mishap. He added he was in the drain for 20 minutes before a local boy, who knew him, spotted him.

The boy then called his friends for help and they rushed him to a private hospital in Dombivli. Hussain injured his forehead, neck, and spinal cord in the accident.

“I was entering the lane after five years and had no idea what to expect. I believe even local residents would have met with the same fate, as it was impossible to spot the open drain in the dark. I was lucky to be spotted by the youngster, who rushed me to the hospital,” said Hussain.

At the hospital, family members were asked to shift him to a specialised hospital in Mumbai due to his spine injury that had resulted in numbness of his legs and hands.

While plans were being made to move him to a private hospital, Hussain insisted on being admitted to KEM Hospital, claiming that he was familiar with the doctors and the quality of treatment. He was shifted to the facility on Thursday.

Doctors at KEM said that Hussain’s condition could have deteriorated drastically, had he gone unnoticed in the drain for another 10 minutes.

“The amount of blood he lost from the wound on his forehead could have proved fatal, had he not received timely medical aid.

At present, the patient is experiencing numbness in his lower extremities due to the spine injury. He is under observation,” said the doctor treating Hussain.

Despite repeated attempts, none of the officials from Bhiwandi-Nizampur City Municipal Corporation were available for comment.

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