An 81-year-old man killed his 74-year-old wife on Wednesday night, bringing a 52-year-old marriage to a sordid end. He assaulted her with a wooden stick at their house in Kasarvadavli, Thane. The elderly man later surrendered to the police.

The accused, Umakant Sule approached the Kasarvadavli police last morning to admit that he had killed his wife, Pushpa Sule. “We were shocked when Umakant narrated his story about having killed his wife, as she had told him she would no longer take care of him. We sent a team to check his claim, and found his wife lying in a pool of blood in the bedroom,” said M V Dharmadhikari, senior police inspector.

On Wednesday night, Sule, a retired employee of LIC, was embroiled in a bitter argument with his wife, in course of which she said she would no longer look after him. Sule was infuriated by his wife’s statement, and could not sleep all night. He got up, found a wooden stick, and started raining blows on her head and torso, killing her in the process.

The couple has a daughter, who is married and also stays in Thane. The daughter told the police that her mother Pushpa was unhappy and had said she wanted to commit suicide, and that she had persuaded her mother not to take such a step. The accused has been booked for murder.