Beijing: A 94-year-old Chinese war veteran who went to the doctor with stomach pains was shocked to discover a bullet in his pelvis which may have been lodged there for more than 60 years.

Duan Zhicai, of the southwest Chinese province of Sichuan, started to feel pain in his stomach about two years
ago. As the intensity of the pain increased, he eventually went to a local hospital where doctors performed an X-ray.

The doctors were surprised to find a 1.1 inch bullet lodged in the left side of his pelvis. Duan fought for China in the Second Sino-Japanese war in 1943 - as part of the Second World War - as well as in the Korean War against South Korea in 1950.

Doctors believe that the man got the bullet while fighting some 60 to 65 years ago as he said he remembers being
injured, but thought he had fallen on something sharp during combat, '' reported.

The bullet survived for so long inside the veteran's body because it was metallic, doctors said. However, Duan has been warned against surgery by doctors, as his body would be unlikely to survive the stress given his
old age.

"The bullet is not life-threatening, but trying to remove it could be," a spokesman from the hospital said. Doctors plan to give him medication to lessen the pain.