A bottle was thrown at Harry Styles on stage

That Harry Styles does not have the best luck on stage came to the fore again. A bottle was thrown at the One Direction singer during a recent gig, taking him aback.

Harry Styles. Pic/Getty Images
Harry Styles. Pic/Getty Images 

The band was thanking fans for coming to the show as the singer walked down the runway in the middle of the audience when an object was thrown and hit him in the side of the head.

In a video which has surfaced on Twitter, objects can be seen going through the air, with the star recoiling and raising his hand to his face after the painful incident.

Another clip from the show reveals the object, which some fans believe was an energy drink can, hits Harry with some force. Fans are heard shouting at a girl, who is believed to have been behind the throw, although she is simply seen laughing at the incident.

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