Anu Malik's little girl already has a host of fans, including the likes of Aamir Khan, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Rajkumar Hirani, Ayan Mukherjee and Rohan Sippy. And Anmol Malik has her English single, Graduation, to thank for it. Meaningful lyrics, a soulful melody and an international voice have made the number a rage online with 25,000 'likes' and counting. CS talks to Anmol about the song:

Graduating to song writing
When I came back from England with a graduation degree three months ago, I was consumed with the idea of penning a song. My graduation ceremony was a very emotional experience. We had to enter the hall from one door and exit from another, and couldn't come back again. The thought of seeing the journey end so abruptly after having worked so hard inspired me to compose Graduation.

I like it
Initially, when I made dad hear it, I was really scared about his reaction because he's totally blunt. Thankfully, he loved it and decided to produce it. He then emailed the song to Aamir (Khan) uncle, asking him for his feedback on it. The next thing I knew, he had posted the track on his Facebook page. Rohan (Sippy) uncle told me that after hearing the song he wanted to reconnect with his college buddies. What I find surprising it that there aren't enough songs on the graduation ceremonies when we all know that it's a very important occasion in our lives.

The English connection
Graduation has been a 'tester' to gauge how people respond to my chord formations and my lyrics. It ended up being in English because that's the language I think in. Like they say, a song chooses the lyrics, in my case it chose the language too. I'm glad that the song was appreciated in spite of it not being a conventional Hindi number.