A creative retreat

Feb 29, 2016, 07:47 IST | Krutika Behrawala

If you're a closet poet, in search of inspiration, or need some quiet time to get those creative juices flowing, sign up for Verse Voyage, a poetry and camping weekend hosted by White Collar Hippie and curated by The Poetry Club.

The campsite in Uttan. Pic courtesy/White Collar Hippie

The charming campsite in Uttan, just an hour away from the city, is equipped with tents, hammocks, books, board games and spacious lawns.

Either curl up with a book, recite your material in front of other traveller-poets or head for a breezy sunset walk to the nearby beach.

You can also lie back at the site's amphitheatre and watch a sky full of stars. If nothing else, this is bound to bring out the Wordsworth or Kabir in you.

From: March 5 (8 am) to March 6 (3 pm)
Call: 9930260748
Email: travel@whitecollarhippie.com
Cost:  Rs 3,060

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