A day of reckoning

Please take a few minutes today to ask yourself some questions. Start with this: How do you like the kind of life your city offers you? Think about your response carefully. It may help if you can draw up a list of things that routinely drive you up the wall.

Think about the street you live on: Is there adequate lighting? Is it safe for your parents and children to walk on? Are the pavements used for anything other than walking? Move beyond this to parks and open spaces. Do your children have access to these? Are they maintained the way they ought to be? What about sewage treatment and disposal? Is the street you live on as clean as you would like it to be? Is your city as clean as you would like it to be?

How helpful are employees at your local municipal office? Are they rude? Uncaring? Do they make basic tasks like granting birth and death certificates easy for you? Is the street you live on free of encroachments from people who have no right to live there or earn a living off it? Are the markets you buy food for your family from maintained well? Can you walk to the railway station without being harassed by hawkers? What about larger matters such as public health? Are you happy with the kind of healthcare your city's public hospitals offer you? All of these issues fall under the purview of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation.

Whether you like it or not, what happens in that organisation determines the kind of life you lead. If you have no complaints about the way things currently stand, watch a movie today. If you're unhappy, please try and change them. Do it for the rest of us. Go out and vote.

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