A different drape, and other sari tales

Mehta tells us that the name is inspired by the women in her life who dress well, hence the queen reference, as for the other half, “I am a pukka Gujarati; I love playing cards!” she says. 

She developed her love for hand-woven cloth, thanks to her grandfather who owned a textile mill. “He would take me to the mill, pick up a magnifying glass and explain the warp and weft. I was young and couldn’t understand everything.

But I owe my love for cloth to him,” admits Mehta. Her first line celebrates this love for everything handmade and is made up of 20 sarees and 15 dupattas that incorporate interesting motifs such as owls, parrots, dragonflies, geometric shapes and even hot air balloons! The motifs have been drawn by student and artist, Vaishnavi Soni.

“I still have my mom’s and maasi’s 40-year-old sarees. Cloth should remain in your family and not tear after a few months of use. And, hand-made fabric is that,” reminds Mehta.

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