A food truck feast

  While the movie Chef had viewers salivating over its gastronomic creations, the Palate Culinary Studio offers a chance to whip up a similar food-truck inspired feast in a master class taught by celebrity chef and cooking show host, Rakhee Vaswani, in Santacruz.

Rakhee Vaswani in her food truckRakhee Vaswani in her food truck

Students will not only learn to cook dishes inspired by Japanese, Spanish, Lebanese and Indian cuisines, but will also get to sample them and pack a portion to indulge in at home. The menu will include specialty dishes like the Japanese Bazooka Sushi Burger, Crunchy Prawn Tempura drizzled with wasabi mayo and stuffed into a sushi bun, the fiery Bollywood Bombshell and the Monster Falafel Sinner, each a unique creation of chef Vaswani. No meal is complete without dessert, and the class promises an ideal end, with a surprise dessert by the food expert.

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Sharing her passion for the growing trend of experimental food trucks, chef Vaswani said, “Its about innovating food on-the-go and this hands-on class is perfect for the housewife and the aspirant restaurateur who wish to launch their own food truck!”

ON: May 7, 12.30 pm
AT: Survodaya society, Juhu Tara Road, Santacruz (W).
CALL: 9820295221

COST: Rs 4,000

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