A freak mishap almost cost Abhimanyu Singh his young son

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According to the actor, three-year-old Nachiketa swallowed a Rs 1 coin that caused him a lot of discomfort.

Abhimanyu Singh
Abhimanyu Singh

However, to Abhimanyu’s relief, the coin found its way out naturally after a few days’ wait. Initially, when his son had swallowed the coin, it had lodged itself in his throat and the actor had to pat on his son’s neck to help ease the coin into his stomach. After a week of monitoring the progress of the coin through X-rays, finally Nachiketa managed to expel it out of his body.


The actor recounts the incident, “If the coin had entered his windpipe, I would have lost my son. We had a stressful week but now he is safe and sound. I paid a heavy price for leaving small coins loose at home.” 

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