A friend in need is a fool indeed

Aspiring constable gets a full score in his running test, agrees to help his mate lift his scores by running for him as a proxy candidate; both booked for cheating

Aspiring cop Rohan Hanumant Baikhe may have thought of himself as a model friend when he decided to run the proverbial extra mile for his childhood friend Mangesh Balkrishna Satpute, but the long arm of the law caught up with him soon enough. Mulund police arrested Baikhe on Saturday for appearing as a proxy candidate for a physical exam that was scheduled to be taken by Satpute.

An officer on duty at the Bhandup recruitment camp realised that Rohan
Hanumant Baikhe had appeared for a test earlier in the day, and
interrogated him. When he confessed to appearing for his friend, he was
arrested. PIC/Siddharth Dhadve

Baikhe and Satpute were childhood friends, and both harboured the aspiration of becoming police constables.

They had been preparing themselves for the written and physical endurance tests together, for the last six months.

Baikhe was the first to appear for his physical test in the police camp at Bhandup complex, in which he scored full marks after running the entire stretch successfully. Satpute, on the other hand, performed poorly in the written test, and was desperate to make up for the poor score by getting good grades in the running test.

Desperate to do well, he requested his friend to help him out. Baikhe obliged. Taking Satpute's identity card, he affixed his own photograph atop his friend's, and proceeded to the camp to do the good deed.

"One of the officers on recruitment duty identified Baikhe from his appearance earlier in the day. He interrogated Baikhe, who confessed that he had stepped in for his friend. We arrested him," said Mahadeo Gundewadi, assistant police commissioner of the Mulund division.

The hunt for Satpute is on in full swing. "We have informed our senior officers. Baikhe has been disqualified, and is no longer a viable candidate for the post of a constable," said an officer.

The friends � both of whom are residents of Ghatkopar -- have been booked for cheating.

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