A Full Monty moment for Ranveer Singh...

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Several years ago, Ranbir Kapoor had famously dropped his towel in a scene from his debut film helmed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. And for SLB’s upcoming film, Ram Leela, Ranveer Singh has done the same, well almost. Sources say in one of the scenes during the shoot, the actor’s dhoti came undone and dropped down to his feet.

Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh

Insiders say Ranveer was extremely embarrassed by his Full Monty ‘accident’ that left nothing for imagination. A source says, “Ranveer is currently in hospital, recovering from dengue. In one of the scenes, Bhansali wanted him to look quite seductive. He made the actor wear his dhoti quite low. Unfortunately, his dhoti came loose and fell to the floor.”

Ram Leela
Ram Leela

And if that wasn’t enough, the crew teased the actor through the rest of the day, and even apparently gifted him a pair of colourful underwear to drive the point home. The star’s spokesperson said, “It is completely untrue.”

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