A generosity of spirit

>> “One thing you learn from all great artists, having spent 10 days with them,” said India’s celebrated filmmaker Anurag Kashyap about his recent stint at the Marrakech International Film Festival 2013 where he rubbed shoulders with some of his early icons like Martin Scorsese, “Is that they are not insecure and they share generously, from their ideas to their work to the knowledge and discoveries.

Anurag Kashyap with Martin Scorsese

I now have to get back to a place where they would again be talking about their various crore clubs and the next big opening.” We agree Anurag, especially about the lack of the spirit of generosity — but good to have you back.

Kashyap with Marion Cotillard and Scorsese during the opening ceremony of the 13th Marrakech International Film Festival

Red light area no more
>> And following news of the Supreme Court asking the Centre and state governments to reduce the number of functionaries using red beacon vehicles, the irrepressible Suhel Seth, who had launched a social media movement to campaign for the cause was ecstatic. “I remember the morning when Harish (Salve) called me to say how he’d been stuck for hours in traffic because of LK Advani’s cavalcade.

Suhel Seth and Harish Salve

We decided to join forces to agitate for this right of the common man, said the man famous for his witty sound bytes, adding: “The streets of India will no longer be red-light areas as they used to be and public servants will no longer be marauding inconveniences. This is a victory for the aam admi yet again!” he said.

One more election 
>> ‘Tis the season of contentious elections. Following the electoral furore at Mumbai’s leading clubs like the CCI and the Willingdon, the battle lines are drawn for the annual elections of the Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC) next week which according to insiders has become virtually a BJP vs Congress type battle, with two distinct panels ranged against each other.

Vivek Jain

Present Chairman Khushroo Dhunjibhoy leads one team, and the other is led by Vivek Jain, who had been dethroned last year by the nine member committee, (which elects the Chairman but not the members, a rule that he has been trying to have changed).

Though Jain lost the chair, he continued to head the marketing group of the club and garnered much acclaim for putting it on the city’s NGO, sporting and event map with his efforts.

Khushroo Dhunjibhoy

This time we are informed Jain, short of one man to gain a majority in the committee room, has pulled off a coup of sorts by roping in first timer Gulam Vahanvaty to his side (Gulam is closely related to the present Attorney General of India, the top law officer in the country).

It is gathered Vivek had also suggested a debate between himself and Khushroo before the members prior to the elections, but this was summarily rejected by Mr Dhunjibhoy.

So, to use horse language, the teams are in the final furlong, before the winning post is sighted a week from now.

Will the election results be as surprising as the ones we witnessed for the State assembly recently?

Big fat wedding
>> And word comes in of a big fat wedding party hosted by celebrated stockbroker Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s family, for the wedding of his nephew Kunal (the son of his elder brother Rajesh) to Niharika. “Rakesh and Rekha Jhunjhunwala hosted a Sufi evening at the NSCI indoor stadium for the couple on Saturday,” says our source.

Anil Ambani with Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

“There were hit musicians like Salim-Suleman and DJ Lloyd. And the vegetarian spread had dishes from all over the world flown in drawing many compliments.” The guest list, we learn included some of the leading lights of Mumbai’s financial and social universe like Anil and Tina Ambani, Mahendra Sanghi, Amitabh Jhunjhunwala and Hafeez Contractor.

Tina Ambani with Rekha Jhunjhunwala

As for the big bull, he sat looking pleased as punch at the success of his party with his ‘face covered with lipstick marks from all the appreciative guests’, according to our source.

Nuanced Response Required
Call it the Tejpal effect but word comes in of another sexual harassment scandal brewing in a Mumbai-based reputable TV company.

And unlike in the Tejpal case, this time a nuanced response is called for.

The top (and highly respected) boss of a TV channel found himself in a hot (to put it mildly) spot recently, when one of his female employees is said to have slapped him at an open meeting in front of their colleagues.

Apparently, she had done so on learning that her name was on a list of employees to be sacked soon.

Her hackles had been raised, according to our source, because ‘until then she’d been in a relationship with the man in question and had assumed that this would inure her from the ebbs and flows of HR considerations.’

Not only did her action shock the gathering, but what’s more it’s said to have been recorded on CCTV camera, leaving the channel’s beleaguered Delhi-based boss with even more troubles on his plate (the channel had sacked a sizeable chunk of its workforce recently)

“Even though I am an ardent feminist and in solidarity of all victims of sexual harassment,” says our source, “In this case, the woman’s actions beg the question: why did she wait to ‘out’ her boss as a sexual predator only after she learnt she was being fired? ”We told you it was nuanced. 

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