Ironing clothes or using a water bottle as a dumbbell: These are just a few things I have tried to up my fitness levels and more necessarily, to stay out of the gym.

So when I heard about Poi classes, all I could think of was  possessing toned arms a la Jennifer Aniston. Of course, not forgetting the fact that I would be learning a skill that looks cool (not to forget exotic). Perfect to flaunt in the friend circuit.
But what is this rare-sounding activity called Poi? Its origins are from the Maori tribe in New Zealand and it involves spinning a pair of weights tied to a rope.

The weight can be substituted with LED lights (or if you plan to get really adventurous, fire!) and hence you create great patterns of light while performing.
Bluebulb, the guys who conduct this workshop call it Glow Poi and conduct it in open spaces and it makes for a great subject for photography as well. Sign up and stand out from the rest!

On Seven days a week 5, 6 and 7 pm
At Chembur, Carter Road and Juhu Beach. COST Rs 1,299
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