Soaking in the sights of a beautiful sunrise straight from your bed may be a far-fetched dream for many living in Mumbai.

Different cottages at Serene WoodsDifferent cottages at Serene Woods

However, these sunrises and bird calls greet you daily at Serene Woods, a quaint and calming homestay nestled at Madikeri in Coorg, Karnataka.

Away from the crowded tourist hotels, we spent two whole days on this property, enjoying the peaceful environs and getting some much-needed digital detox.

We spotted interesting varieties of insects (with the help of the owner, Nischal Ponnappa), relished yum traditional Mangalorean Chicken cooked by a hospitable staff, danced around a bonfire and even enjoyed sipping water from a fresh spring flowing within the estate. Now, that’s what we call a detox escape.

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