'A guy keeps staring at me...'

Dear Diana,
There is this guy at my workplace who keeps looking at me. I have often caught him in action and then he quickly looks away. We work in a PR and marketing agency. Every evening, we meet in the conference room to chalk out our next day's schedule. During the meeting, he ensures that he always sits opposite me. His staring would initially make me uncomfortable, but now I just do not react. He appears to be a nice guy and I speak to him only when need be for work. I have never asked him why he keeps looking at me. Is he interested in me? We are both single, but I have not had a long conversation with him. I want to know what is on his mind. I hope he does not feel that I am always looking at him.
— Tamira


Dear Tamira,
Chances are that he, too, might think in a similar way. Remember you are also looking at him, so he might feel you are staring at him. It is not so difficult to strike a conversation with an office colleague. There are several things in common, so you can begin talking to him to gauge what is on his mind. As he is your colleague, you are not reacting otherwise what this guy is doing amounts to stalking. Also, don't get so obsessed with knowing what's on his mind, because his behaviour is definitely odd. You do not know his intentions. This guy might be looking for some sexual fun and he is feeling you out for it. He doesn't care about what you feel. If he had really cared for you, he would not have resorted to these staring sessions. He would have got to know you if he was interested in you. Instead, he feels his staring sessions will get you hooked. So be wary of him.

Diana will solve it!
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