A bus company in China was forced to apologise to people when a bus driver shared his seat with his girlfriend and kissed her at a traffic red light, putting their lives at risk

Passengers in Hangzhou in eastern Zhejiang province, who were on the bus during the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, said they saw a woman talking with the driver throughout the route, the Shanghai Daily reported.

The driver, who shared his seat with the woman, even put his hand on her leg. The two suddenly started kissing when the bus was stationary at a red light, wrote a passenger named Zhang on a Weibo.com microblog.

"The kiss really shocked me. All the passengers on board saw it, some of whom even averted their eyes in shame. That behaviour was endangering public safety," said another passenger surnamed Wang.

The bus company confirmed that it was aware of the incident, but explained the girlfriend of the driver had asked for permission to spend the time on board the bus.

Though the festival was an occasion for family reunion, many drivers had to work to keep the transportation system running.