From botox to breast implants, at some point, most stars resort to it as a quick-fix to what does not look right to them in the mirror. 2011 was filled with buzz about the following stars. Pics don't lie. Take a look...

Kangna Ranaut: Her in-your-face 'assets' quite obvious in  Rascals could not however uplift the film.

While preparing for her B-Town return, the actress has been 'changing' herself and trying hard to keep up with the young girls. Though those close to her say that her frugal diet is making her face look different!

Bipasha Basu:
In July, B-Town was buzzing about the actress getting her assets enhanced. But apparently the real reason she quietly checked into a south Mumbai hospital to get top heavy by a veteran cosmetic surgeon was because of a previous job gone wrong! Apparently the gel breast implants done a while back came undone, resulting in 'double trouble' that had to be rectified!

Shazahn Padamsee:
She was seen through the year in various stages of swollen lips and by the year-end has finally got the desired pout!