Dear Diana,
I work in a five-star hotel. I am extremely friendly with one of my colleagues. We have a lot of fun when we work together, and we flirt a lot. But he's married. He tells me I should meet him outside work and claims his marriage is on the rocks. I don't want anything serious with him. A part of me knows what I am doing with him is so wrong. What do I do?
- WT

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear WT,
The man has mistaken your friendliness for love. He thinks you are crazy for him! But then you gave him a leeway and he went berserk. You knew he was married and were aware that what you were doing with him was wrong, so why did you continue getting overfamiliar with him? You created the problem, and now need to find a solution. Tell him that you are his work pal and that you are comfortable with him. But there is a line to be drawn. If need be, stop being over familiar with him, and let him work on his marriage.