Like many others, singer Javed Ali also believes in the healing power of music. So, when he got a chance to be a part of a special concert for cancer patients to be held this weekend, he readily agreed. Javed, who has rendered many hits like Jashan- E- Bahara, Tum Mile, Guzaarish, Ranjha Ranjha, Kajra Re, talks to CS about the therapeutic power of music:

Music is the best medicine
I feel that music has the capacity to heal as much as any medicine. While medicines work on the body, music helps heal the soul. A person who is suffering from a seemingly fatal illness like cancer undergoes a lot of mental trauma and depression. So, when he's exposed to good music, it brings a sense to calmness to him. Music works like meditation. 

Song for the soul
I am glad that I got a chance to sing a song like Arziyaan from Delhi-6. I feel it's one of the most spiritual songs ever. It makes me happy when my friends tell me that they feel restless if they don't hear it at least once in the morning. It feels wonderful to know that people connect so beautifully with the song. As a kid, I grew up listening to verses of Baba Bulleh Shah and Momin Khan Momin, who was a physician and a poet. Their works had a strong spiritual feel to them, which were very soothing. 

Evergreen songs
I was a great fan of Dev Anand Saab. Most of his films had superb music. And the best part was that the songs picturised on him looked as if they were actually sung by him. He had great taste in music. I love most of the songs picturised on him -- Kabhie Khud Pe Kabhie Haalat Pe Rona Aaya, Phoolon Ke Rang Se, Choodi Nahi Mera Dil Hai, Din Dhal Jaye, Tere Mere Sapne.