A Roman general for your home

What: E-commerce portal is now offering sculptures and decor products inspired from European artefacts. On offer will be sculptures inspired from the Greek, Roman and Egyptian cultures which are available in Italian marble and cast iron.

village girl
Village girl bust in white marble stone

The curated selection is the result of a partnership between the online portal and Karara Mujassme, a brand offering marble stone and cast metal artefacts and gazebos. The statues and sculptures on offer include marble busts in various hues of Greek gods and goddesses, Roman kings and warriors as well as artefacts from Egyptian mythology. They also offer cast iron fountains that are ready-to-use, even in apartments.

The lovers kiss bust in white and green marble stone
The lovers kiss bust in white and green marble stone

How: Divyan Gupta, founder and CEO,, says that they will soon be launching other lifestyle products like marble fireplaces, cast iron and sandstone benches, planters and bird baths. “With this collection, we have brought ancient history to the modern times,” he states. Explaining the significance of marble as a raw material for sculptures, he elaborates, “Marble has been a prized material for sculptures since Classical or Greco-Roman times.

The brides
The bridesmaid bust in white marble stone

It’s unique due to its softness, uniform structure and relative resistance to shattering. It allows light to penetrate several millimeters into the stone before being scattered and results in the waxy look which gives ‘life’ to any sculpture. Similarly, cast iron was used to decorate royal palaces given its long life and beautiful finish.”

A Roman emperor
A Roman emperor’s bust in white and pink marble

Where: The product designs and marble were sourced from Europe while the artefacts were crafted by Indian artisans. The price range of the product varies depending on the product; marble busts start from '45,000 while cast iron fountains start from
Rs 3,500.

A Roman general’s bust in white and brown marble
A Roman general’s bust in white and brown marble

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