A sex syndicate that offers prostitutes disguised as 'food items'!

A sex syndicate in Malaysia is offering prostitutes disguised as food items during lunch time to busy men who are closely monitored by their spouse.
According to Guang Ming Daily, the syndicate would send SMS to their regular customers with a "menu" of prostitutes disguised as popular food items, Star Online reported.
The cost for "home-cooked food" is RM200 while "international cuisine" costs RM170.
Sometimes, the syndicates would also give "menus" such as Thai tomyam soup, China Cantonese fried noodles and Indonesian spicy prawn to their customers.
The messages state that the customers have only 45 minutes to "taste the food".
According to the SMS, the syndicate would arrange delivery of prostitutes to their customers once they receive the "orders".
Most of the prostitutes were reportedly said to be below 25 years old.

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