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Aug 23, 2012, 08:15 IST | Lindsay Pereira

Lindsay PereiraMinister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Rajiv Shukla, was caught on camera whispering instructions on adjournment to the Rajya Sabha’s Deputy Chairperson. The UnReal Times reacted with this comment: ‘Mrs Shukla reportedly livid with Rajiv Shukla for muttering sweet nothings to the deputy chairperson.’ There was this tweet from a certain Clifford: ‘Breaking: Rajiv Shukla confuses the Parliament for IPL, walks in and fixes Rajya Sabha proceedings.’ Rajesh Kalra had this point to make: ‘Lok Sabha convenes after a 3-day break, adjourned after 45 seconds. Ditto for Rajya Sabha. Only saving grace is it was adjourned after one minute.’ And from someone using the handle IndiaSpeaksPR: ‘Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha adjourned for the day. This time Rajiv Shukla played it smart. He sent an SMS to the speaker.’

Road rage
‘Impressive speech by Raj Thackeray. Hard hitting without being shrill. Someone has spoken for Mumbai’s constabulary.’ That tweet by journalist Rajdeep Sardesai came in the wake of a public rally organised by the MNS leader. Asif Jamshed, on the other hand, had another opinion: ‘Raj Thackeray protesting against riots is like Sunny Leone protesting against nudity.’ According to Prakash Sharma, ‘Except for Raj Thackeray, haven’t seen a leader with mass following addressing a rally dressed in a shirt and trousers. Strong and positive message.’ And from former MP Pritish Nandy: ‘I like the way Raj Thackeray has seized the initiative. Someone had to do so. These anti socials are getting away with too much.’

What would you tell your ex if you could? Sample these: ‘We’re not friends or enemies, just strangers with some memories’ and ‘I want to thank you for teaching me what I need to improve on for my next relationship to last longer.’

The last word
From writer Chetan Bhagat: ‘What kind of democracy can’t take a bit of satire? What kind of government tramples on individual freedoms so callously?’

— Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY OnlineĀ 

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