A world of abstract wonder

A solo exhibition of 30 abstract paintings created by artist Shola Carletti is on display at Ishanya Tilting Art Gallery

Artist Shola Carletti (45) is someone who loves to speak her mind through her art. She is currently exhibiting her paintings at an exhibition titled In Wonder, comprising of two sculptures made from clay and Plaster of Paris (PoP) as well as paintings decorated with glitter and stones. 

A painting by artist Shola Carletti

The Italy-born artist has been travelling across the globe with her designs, paintings and sculptures. A graduate from the ISA School of Art of Urbino in Italy, Carletti has also worked at Gambarini-multi, an advertising agency in Rimini.

Carletti says that she often meets art lovers who don't understand a thing about art but fake it just to fit in. "People might have different opinions that I may not agree with but I respect their perspective. But I feel that these so called 'art-lovers' just pretend to know it all. That's disheartening but as long as they feel happy it's okay."

Among Indian artists Carletti admires Subhash Awchat and the late MF Hussain. "It was a pity that Hussain couldn't return to his birth-land. People should learn art before accusing artists of vulgarity and nudity," she says. While Carletti believes that India has got a lot of talent, she adds that artists need to come out, be smart and express themselves well to be noticed. After the art exhibition in Pune, Carletti plans to showcase her paintings in Chennai and Hyderabad. 

Till January 1 
At Ishanya Tilting Art Gallery, Yerwada.

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