A wrong turn?

Jan 19, 2012, 07:35 IST | Lindsay Pereira
32 passengers from Thiruvananthapuram on board an Alliance Air flight were shocked to find themselves at Kochi airport after the pilot announced they had landed at Kozhikode. Naturally, this amused a large number of people online. The UnReal Times tweeted: 'Could have been worse. What if the pilot had landed in Kandahar instead of Kozhikode?' A certain JJR pointed out: 'Kozhikode is trending. Just so none of you mistake it for Kochi next time.' According to Joy Das: 'Happens. I once reached Parel instead of Vile Parle.' There was this comment from Hemant Mittal: 'Next time I want to go to Delhi, will catch an Alliance Air flight to Pune.' And from Rahul Srivastava: 'Thanks to the pilot, Alliance Air got so much PR, they met their publicity goals for the century.' Lastly, Rofl Indian asked: 'The more important question is � how did the Kochi ATC allow an out-of-schedule Alliance Air flight to land there at all?'

So long
Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang was another topic of discussion after he resigned from the company's board and 'all other positions' at Yahoo! Someone using the handle PourMeCoffee said: 'For those unfamiliar, Yahoo is a California company that hosts your mom's email.' UpsideTrader added: 'If you want to know why Jerry Yang resigned from Yahoo, try Googling it.'

If you could...
What would you do anything for? Responses to this question ranged from the predictable 'love' and 'a few more hours of sleep' to 'a chance to correct all my mistakes in the past', 'a pause, play, rewind, fast forward and mute button in life', 'a rental boyfriend to warm me up in this freezing room' and, predictably, 'a chance to meet Justin Bieber.'

The last word
From actor Shah Rukh Khan: 'When I hear some politicians speak on corruption, it reminds me of the Surgeon General's warning on cigarette packs. Mandatory and meaningless.'

-- Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online (twitter.com/lindsaypereira)

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