Aamir Dalvi: Playing mentally challenged person is very demanding

Actor Aamir Dalvi, who is currently seen playing a mentally challenged person Moksh in 'Badii Devrani', says playing such type of roles is “very demanding” and it helps him evolve as an actor.

Aamir Dalvi
Aamir Dalvi

"I feel lucky to be a part of this show because it allows me to play such a challenging role. Trust me, it is not that easy. My character is repetitive; needs energy throughout the scene. Sometimes, I am under pressure of giving 100 percent to the ongoing scene," Aamir said in a statement.

"This character of a mentally challenged person is very demanding and its body language is also very different. In spite of all this, I am loving this role because it is helping me to evolve as an actor," he added.

Set against the backdrop of Kolkata, 'Badii Devrani', which airs on &TV, tells the story of an unusual union between an older woman, Reeti (Megha Chakraborty), and a younger boy, Vibhor (Mudit Nayar), even though their families are bitter enemies.

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