"I am playing a negative character after almost six years. I have always tried to do different roles. There are other negative characters in the show, but (my character)Abhinav is different," Aamir said.

Daksh Ajit Singh replaced by Aamir Dalvi in 'Chhal Sheh Aur Maat'
Dakssh Ajit Singh replaced by Aamir Dalvi in 'Chhal Sheh Aur Maat'

Aamir says it's not justified to call him a replacement.

"I want to clarify about the replacement. The actor was not really revealed much. For the audience, Aamir Dalvi is only Abhinav," Aamir said.

In the suspense thriller Abhinav is a convict, who is released from prison. Thereafter, he creates problems for the show's protagonist, Aditi, essayed by Hunar Halli.

Aamir is a known face on TV and has been a part of serials like 'Jeevan Saathi' and best known for his role as an autistic in 'Sanskaar Lakshmi'.

"I'm always looking out for interesting roles. After my last role (in 'Sanskaar Lakshmi'), I had decided that either I will play someone who is much older to me, mature, rugged kind of a guy or a negative character. So I was looking for this kind of role," he said.

Even though Aamir has just entered the show, he loves the atmosphere on the set.

"The atmosphere is fantastic," the actor added.