Aamir Khan facing hurdles buying mother's ancestral home in Benares

Last month on his birthday, Aamir had expressed a desire to buy his mom, Zeenat Hussain, her childhood home in Benares. It is an emotional decision for the actor, as he knows that his mother has a long-standing desire to stay in that home (Read more). But it looks like acquiring Khwaja Manzil is not as easy as he thought it would be. It is said that the actor is facing many hurdles.

Aamir Khan and Zeenat Hussain
Aamir Khan and Zeenat Hussain

Says a source, "The said property is in a legal dispute. Also, two of the three current owners of the house are unwilling to sell the house and are in no mood to co-operate with the star’s family and his lawyers. In spite of several meetings the matter hasn’t progressed."

Adds the source, "Aamir is said to be still keen on owning the house and has said to have even approached the local residents to intervene in the deal and help him buy the house."

Reportedly, in 2009 the actor had gone to Benares for the promotions of his film '3 Idiots' (2009) and then for the wedding of an autodriver's son he had befriended while he was there. Aamir considers the holy city to be beautiful and historic.

Aamir Khan's spokesperson remained unavailable for comment.

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