Aamir Khan inspires Ridhima Sud

If there's one actor who inspires Ridhima Sud, it's Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan.

Aamir Khan and Ridhima Sud
Aamir Khan and Ridhima Sud

When Ridhima was busy researching for her role of an investigative journalist in "Kajarya", she found it inspiring to watch "Satyamev Jayate", a show hosted by Aamir, in which he talks about grave issues of the Indian society.

While the filming of the movie was done, Ridhima used to watch the episodes of the shows before the filming.

“Aamir is one of the strongest examples of someone who is giving back to society and of being a value add. Aamir Khan is a great example of someone trying to give back to society through the visual medium.

"He is an inspiration for bringing important stories to the forefront and addressing topics that are very much still a part of India's reality,” Ridhima said in a statement.

Focusing on the subject of female foeticide, Madhureeta Anand's directorial “Kajarya”, will have Ridhima investigating some gruesome activities going on in a village.

“Kajarya” has already premiered at various international film festivals.

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