Aamir Khan lends helping hand to pal

Bollywood actor helping his writer-actor pal Amin Hajee realise his directorial ambitions

Aamir Khan’s close friend, actor-turned-writer Amin Hajee, will soon make his directorial debut.

Best remembered for his role in Ashutosh Gowarikar’s film, 'Lagaan', (where he played the drummer Bagha), Amin later penned Vikram Bhatt’s films such as 'Haunted', 'Dangerous Ishhq', and '1920: Evil Returns', apart from continuing with his acting assignments. He was also the co-writer for Gowarikar’s film, 'Swades'.

Amin Hajee (left) and Aamir Khan.  Pic/ Sayed Sameer Abedi
Amin Hajee (left) and Aamir Khan.  Pic/ Sayed Sameer Abedi

A source close to Hajee says that his directorial debut is a murder mystery. Aamir is said to have already read the script and he liked it. “He has also shared his inputs with Hajee,” says the source. There’s no word yet on whether Aamir will star in the film or not.

But the source says that casting for film will begin shortly.

  • avinash03-Mar-2014

    this is A SILLY COMMENT...unlike other they are KNOWN TO be friends......definitely they are rivals on screen, but not that they are FOES....theya re family friends...but what would u mumbai type know of this

  • monish03-Mar-2014

    This is a very false information just to create popularity and to seek attention! Both Mohanlal and Mammootty are great friends and are totally unlike other industry superstars!!! It is well known fact to all malayalees. Even during award functions they sit together crack jokes and even hold each others hands! Mohanlal even kissed Mammootty on the cheek in an award function where SRK was even present. They are the exact opposite of what is happening btwn srk and sallu.

  • pooja03-Mar-2014

    do the writer even know about these great actors . there is no jealousy or rivalry between these great actors of malayalam like those between khans and all .. they both respect each other and are great friends . yellow journalism

  • Prince03-Mar-2014

    "The actor tried to resolve differences between archrivals, Mohanlal and Mammootty". And who told you that Mohanlal and Mammootty are archrivals? "They have been seen at several award functions but they never really talked to each other.". Seriously ? They may not be best friends, but there is surely no rivalry between them. Sure there is competition among them and their fans (and mostly the competition is among their fans!). And both consider each other with respect. There has been instances in which they have shared jokes among themselves which has been aired in TV. Please give some kind of evidence for their so called "arch rivalry" or remove such baseless arguements.

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