Aamir Khan returns to 'Satyamev Jayate' with rape issues in India

Aamir Khan today kicked off the second season of his much-talked about show 'Satyamev Jayate' by taking up the grave issue of rapes in India.

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan

Sporting a black blazer, the 48-year-old actor began the episode by recalling the horrific December 16 Delhi gangrape case, which shook the nation. "When the first season of our show got over, a terrible incident took place, December 16 Delhi gangrape case.

The incident shook the nation. It affected people's thinking, especially youngsters, who thought it was just enough and took part in protests aiming to bring justice to the victim,"

Aamir said on the show. After playing a small clipping of the protest and public outrage that took place following the incident, Aamir went on to discuss the legal, medical and judicial apathy that the rape victims and their families face afterwards. During the two-hour show, the 'Dhoom 3' star presented several anecdotes of women belonging to all age group, who were raped in different parts of the nation.

Talking about the insensitivity and irresponsible behaviour of the police, hospitals and the judiciary, many victims shared their plight. The actor urged the nation to support the demand for 'One Stop Rape Crisis Centre', which was suggested by Justice Usha Mehra commission's recommendation for speeding the justice process. "I also urge my viewers to change their perception towards the rape victims, who are looked down upon in the society," Aamir said on the show.

"Rather than treating the victims that way, you should do so with the accused. It is criminal, who should be boycotted. This way you will help the victim in her fight for justice," he added. Some of the victims, who came on the show, shared their horror and long fight for justice.

Aamir also talked about the case of two girls from different backgrounds, who were also raped once, but they started their life again with courage and decided not to hide their identity on the show. The show also got a thumbs up on social-networking sites with 'Satyamev Jayate' being the most trended topic among the users.

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